Roncone / Valle del Chiese

Roncone / Valle del Chiese

Sport, relaxation, pleasures as well as hiking, trekking and hospitality. These are just a few of the things you can do and experience in Valle del Chiese, the "gateway" to Trentino. Here the mountain world, with its clean air, is the centre of attention, offering well-being and relaxation from everyday stress. Time passes slowly, its rhythm adapts to nature - the plants and animals of the forest, the watercourses. Here you can recharge your batteries during the outdoor sports experience. The Valle del Chiese is an enormous sports arena for all sports freaks. Diving into the water, climbing, MTB tours, being 100% active, thanks to a good infrastructure this is possible in Valle del Chiese. The wide range of offers include mountain biking, trekking, climbing and canyoning as well as something for the lazy people. You can rest on the terraces of a hut with a view of the Adamello glacier. 

Far from the more famous and crowded resorts of Trentino, Valle del Chiese is a little-known resort with an irresistible charm. The riding here is pristine and the breathtaking nature awe inspiring! It also stands for relaxation, real emotions, warm hospitality and delicious, healthy food. Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life! Take your time again, the closeness to nature and the rush of the forest are for body and soul the purest "medicine", a relaxing anti-stress agent. Forget the hands of your watch and finally go on a holiday where you set the pace! The area surrounding Valle del Chiese is still an insider tip and you will mostly have the trails to yourself. You come here to enjoy pure nature, wonderful silence and the many beautiful trails and fire roads. The Sarca and Arnò trails, plus the many sport facilities allows you to practice summer and winter sports: tennis, swimming, climbing, trekking, hiking, free climbing and, last but not least, mountain biking! There is a lot on offer here for the friends of the rugged terrain, the route of the Dolomiti di Brenta Bike and the 20 km long “Tour of the horizon” being two of the highlights! 

Valle del Chiese is also full of cultural centers and monuments that tell the story of past and present life, of peasants and nobles, of war events and cults, of ecology and nature. An itinerary that tells the history of this valley, making old fortresses and castles, museums and characteristic environments accessible to visitors.


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