Livigno is one of the most famous and well-known resorts in the Alps, which has so much more to offer than ski lifts and Après-Ski. As the seasons change, the region transforms into a totally different place, due to the variety of activities: duty free shopping, wellness and relaxation, but also restaurants, coffee bars, pubs and more. In addition, the pleasure to discover the old alpine traditions, with the inspirational spirit of the past. Livigno is the land of borders, traditions and alpine culture. 

Summer in Livigno is made of colors, aromas, flavors and sport. This Valtellina locality with its 1816 meters of altitude represents the highest resort of the entire valley. For this reason, Livigno is a hit with sports-lovers as it’s an open-air gym offering the possibility to train at altitude in a prized natural landscape, alongside a bustling town that provides lots to do.

It is the ideal holiday location for everyone who loves spending time on two wheels. The quaint village in the Alta Valtellina region offers the perfect infrastructure for all kinds of biking. Are you a recreational rider, beginner, advanced shredder, freerider, downhiller, e-biker, bike park lover, road biker, marathon enthusiast or cross-country fan? Whatever, you might be, Livigno is the right spot for you. The resort situated at 1816 meters a.s.l. right behind the Swiss-Italian border, has everything you need for a diversified and fulfilling bike holiday: countless touring options for beginners, advanced riders and pros, a top-maintained bike park, 30 bike hotels and apartments, sport shops, bike rentals, bike schools, touring guides and of course thousands of kilometers of flowy trails in and around Livigno. Named as the “Wistler of Europe”, Livigno organized in 2005 the MTB World Championships. You’ll find tracks for all levels – more as 3200km in Alta Rezia, almost all digitalized in GPS. There are also some Flow-Country trails, created by the cooperation with Hans Rey. 



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