Dolomite City Lienz

The biking scene in the sunny town of Lienz thrives under the auspices of the Lienz Dolomites. The natural mountain world between the Tauern and Dolomites presents itself as such a perfect sports arena. In addition to a variety of MTB and e-bike routes, the start trails on the Hochstein, the local mountain of Lienz, are ideal for all bike fans.

Alban Lakata and Peter Sagan in the same bike park - that only happens in Lienz. Alban and Peter would probably crank up the climb to the middle station to the Moosalm themselves - it's more comfortable with the Hochsteinbahn to use the time to chat and enjoy the view. As soon as you reach the top, it's already downhill again. On the ski world cup slope of the Lienz Schlossberg to the valley station, cleanly built, wide curves, berms, perfectly staged jumps and waves inspire. The fun factor is right at the top. Those who don't take it so fast can enjoy the flow and ride around the jumps and tricky passages. The Sagan Trail, at 4.6 kilometers almost twice as long, even flowier and above all less steep for beginners, also guarantees maximum riding fun for professionals with numerous jumps, steep turns and waves. The "Welcome to the Jungle" section pushes its way through the East Tyrolean spruces as a black variant with massively built wooden elements and quickly raises the adrenaline level. The new World Cup Pumptrack at the valley station of the Schlossbergbahn is also a world champion. This offers beginners as well as advanced riders plenty of action and improves the riders' motor skills with every lap ridden. In addition to the existing trails on Hochstein, a new bike trail suitable for families was opened in 2020: the Flow Family Trail. The new trail is a combination of flow and jumpline and thus the ideal addition to the Bikepark Lienz. The start of the new trail is in the area of the Moosalm, directly adjacent to the Peter Sagan Trail. Around 4 kilometers, the new line stretches through the forest to Bruck Castle, with plenty of rollers, jumps and steep turns. The inclusion of "chicken lines" makes the trail ideal for beginners as well as die-hard trail enthusiasts!

The Lienz mountains offer the perfect training conditions for the athletically ambitious. At our innkeepers you will also find the perfectly balanced diet and every day another secret tip to target, which will make you fitter every day. And for those who prefer to be spectators, the many sporting events in East Tyrol, including a colorful supporting program, are just the thing.

The bike summer 2022 starts with the Tour of the Alps in April. A challenge for cycling freaks that has already become a tradition - the Dolomiten Radrundfahrt and the Super Giro Dolomiti - follows in June. The route leads around the mighty Lienz Dolomites, and in the extreme version leads all the way to Italy. Muscles of steel are needed by the participants of the toughest team competition in the world, which takes place annually in September in the Lienz Dolomites. Teams of 4 take on the Red Bull Dolomitenmann, with one mountain runner, one mountain biker, one paraglider and one canoeist each delivering a sensational battle against stone, wind and water. The winning team wins the coveted trophy "Dolomitenmann", the spectators a mega spectacle with international top acts.


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