Folgaria Lavarone and Lusèrn - in a word, Alpe CIMBRA - is a region studded by delightful alpine villages, famously known for their varied activities and summer and winter sports, as well as their incredible natural beauties such as the Lavarone Lake or the Hofental Waterfall. The culture and traditions are still alive today and can also be found in the flavours of the wine and food products, such as bacon, cheese, honey and the typical products to be enjoyed in the mountain lodges, huts and restaurants. Your holiday in the immense alpine pasture of Folgaria, Lavarone and Lusèrn will dazzle you with natural panoramas of absolute splendour. From the majestic Avéz del Prìnzep, the tallest white fir tree in Europe, from the rare biotopes of Ecken and the Laghetto chalet to the geomorphological Mezzomonte trail and the Lavarone Lake, each resort place has its own entrancing wonders.

Renowned ski areas, which also offer many summer activities. Our locations in Folgaria, Lavarone and Lusèrn have in common not only their beautiful natural landscapes but also a hundred years of history that lives on today in fascinating traditions and places. In Lusèrn, you can still hear the Cimbrian language being spoken, and a visit to the many forts in Folgaria and Lavarone will be a chance to see the history of the First World War.

Alpe Cimbra in Trentino is biking in its pure essence! More than 600 km of roads and paths suitable for mountain bikes, racing bikes and e-bikes unwind through luxurious woods, green meadows, pastures, and unpaved trails from the Great War and along rushing alpine rivers. There are many routes suitable for children, while for nerve-tingling descents there is a bike park available where you can ride downhill in full safety.


Tourismboard Folgaria, Lavarone e Luserna

Via Roma, 67

I – 38064 Folgaria (TRENTO)

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