The most important goal of MAXXIS is to create long-term customer loyalty through products of the highest quality and the best customer service.

As the largest bicycle tire manufacturer in the world, MAXXIS continuously invests in the most modern production technology and the best material, so that our production is always state-of-the-art.

All MAXXIS bicycle tyres are manufactured in our own factory in Taiwan. This allows us to control every step of the development process, every raw material and every production step 100%. Successful athletes around the world choose MAXXIS because they know that our extensive product research, unique designs and rigorous testing results in tires that support the rider.

Homepage: www.maxxistires.de


Perfect Refreshment: Isotonic, full of vitamins and 0.0% alcohol - The full-flavoured way to quench your thirst after sport 

The Bitburger Brewery - founded in 1817 in the southern region of the Eifel, our family owned brewery has now been in business for seven generations, stretching over a period of 200 years. Following this long history of tradition, our brewery is now also one of Germany’s most modern and important breweries in private ownership. 

In more than 50,000 bars, restaurants and taverns worldwide, you can hear someone ordering a hoppy Bitburger Premium Pils using the most famous phrase in Germany’s beer world: “Bitte ein Bit” (“One Bit, please”). Alongside our perfect pilsner, our customers also enjoy other beer varieties and specialty beverages as well. Even though the range of products and brewing processes have continued to evolve, our core values have always remained the same: care, love and passion for brewing. These values underline our consistently high quality standards. 

For the best rehydration after exercise, you need to replenish the lost water, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates in your body. For the perfect refreshment after sport or a busy day with friends, Bitburger has launched an alternative to conventional soft drinks and flavoured waters: a range of alcohol-free, isotonic Bitburger drinks called Bitburger 0.0%. 

Available in three alcohol-free flavours (Pils, Radler or Grapefruit), the Bitburger 0.0% range is truly pioneering. All products are truly 0.0% alcohol (with no exceptions), all are isotonic, and all are rich in vitamins. With three different varieties to choose from, these isotonic drinks are ideal for young people (and those young at heart) leading an active and conscious lifestyle. 

Homepage: www.bitburger.de

P. Jentschura

Recharge your batteries with “Alkaline Power” 

P. Jentschura – Our partner for a full decade 

For ten years now, Jentschura International GmbH, with its umbrella brand P. Jentschura, has been a partner to Tour Transalp and supported participants with superfoods and alkaline foot baths: a true anniversary! The experts in all things alkaline provide pure power and accelerated regeneration during the Tour. 

The leading manufacturer of alkaline body care products and natural foods offers the athletes delicacies which are 100% organic, very rich in vital nutrients, and have an alkali surplus. They are also very easy to digest under extreme stress and provide a long-lasting and steady supply of energy in the process. They are therefore a great alternative for breakfast at the camp, and are also gluten and lactose-free. The superfoods, just like Jentschura’s alkaline foot baths, also promote rapid regeneration. Both of these await you at an expo stand in the finishing area, where qualified nutritionist Roland Jentschura is also happy to provide advice on the topic of the acid-base balance. Because acid muscles “lock up”. 

The MorgenStund’ high-carbohydrate millet and buckwheat porridge, the superfood for full performance, the Wurzelkraft 100-plant granulate which optimises the balance of vitamins and minerals, and thus also regeneration, and TischleinDeckDich, the delicious and revitalising quinoa and millet meal with vegetables – a real source of fibre and protein for long-lasting power – ensure that you perform to your full potential. Your batteries are thus rapidly recharged. Alkaline foot baths with the MeineBase mineral bath salt are also available in the finishing area. Make the most of less sore muscles, accelerated regeneration, and palpable new energy! 

Jentschura is a leading manufacturer of alkaline body care products and natural foods for a balanced acid-base balance. Jentschura products provide a natural increase in performance and accelerate regeneration.

More information can be found at www.p-jentschura.com.

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Exclusive bike service for all Scott riders

Are you coming to BIKE Transalp with a Scott bike? If so, then you've hit the jackpot. Because our partner Scott will again be with us the whole week with a highly motivated team of technicians. They have set themselves the task of making all the male and female starters happy who are cranking their way across the Alps on Scott bikes. After the finish, the service people take the Scott bikes and give them a thorough makeover - including bike wash, adjustment and problem solving. The service is free of charge. Necessary spare parts, if in stock, have to be paid for. You still need a bike for the Transalp? Then this service is reason enough to take a look here first:

Homepage www.scott-sports.com