Das wichtigste Ziel von MAXXIS ist es, durch Produkte höchster Qualität und den besten Kundenservice die Kunden langfristig an sich zu binden.

Als größter Fahrradreifenhersteller der Welt investiert MAXXIS kontinuierlich in modernste Fertigungstechnik und bestes Material, so dass unsere Produktion immer auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik ist. Die Produktentwicklung verantwortet MAXXIS USA in Suwanee, Georgia.

Alle MAXXIS Fahrradreifen werden im eigenen Werk in Taiwan gefertigt. So können wir jeden Schritt im Entwicklungsprozess, jeden Rohstoff und jeden Produktionsschritt zu 100% kontrollieren. Erfolgreiche Sportler weltweit wählen MAXXIS, weil sie wissen, dass durch unsere umfassende Produktforschung, unsere einzigartigen Designs und die rigorosen Tests Reifen entstehen, die den Fahrer optimal unterstützen.

Homepage: www.maxxistires.de


OUTENTIC is a brand of AFR Engineering GmbH. The name stands for individual, innovative and intelligent outdoor solutions, that enable treasured moments in alpine nature. Since 2016, the first product, a modular outdoor backpack, has been developed. The many years of know-how of our young team in the field of engineering and technology are equally part of the development process, as is the rich experience gained thanks to our great passion for the mountains and for sports. With its company base in Munich, OUTENTIC meanwhile includes an eight-member team of lateral thinkers.



Homepage: www.outentic.com


‘Alkaline’ Power for Physically Active Persons

The P. Jentschura brand

Jentschura International GmbH, based in Münster (Germany) with its umbrella brand P. Jentschura, is the leading developer and producer of alkaline body care products and of natural alkaline food. The company will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2018 looking back to its origin as a herbal shop. With his publishing house ‘Peter Jentschura’, the company founder Dr. h. c. Peter Jentschura has been conducting research regarding the acid-alkaline regulation. His books ‘Health by Purification’ and ‘zivilisatoselos leben’ are international bestsellers in specialist health literature. His son, Roland Jentschura, graduate nutritionist and author of numerous health guides does not only continue his father’s research activities but even deepens them since more than 15 years through his activities acting as an international expert and lecturer.

The Philosophy

Health, regeneration and our mental performance are decisively depending on a well- balanced acid-alkaline regulation. The holistically conceived and on quite a few occasions award-winning products of the P. Jentschura brand make an important contribution to this.

The company is a pioneer in the fields of deacidification and purification – Jentschura’s 3-week cure is easy to integrate into day-to-day training and rehabilitation – and with promising results. However, the natural products for a well- balanced acid-alkaline regulation are also efficient independently from a cure. Jentschura products are available for example in herbal shops, health food shops, chemist’s shops, organic shops, pharmacies as well as in fitness centres and selected online shops.

Alkaline Athletic

Among other things, the P. Jentschura brand is the official advisor to and outfitter of the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV), the GIANT-Swiss-Team.ch as well as internationally successful runners, triathletes and cyclists. In addition, Jentschura is a partner in the framework of Europe’s most spectacular racing bike and mountain bike stage race, the TOUR and BIKE Transalp as well as of the Challenge Roth, Europe‘s most important triathlon event. On the occasion of various Olympic Games and of the Tour de France the repeatedly award-winning Jentschura products were officially registered foodstuffs. Since 2012, P. Jentschura has also been an official partner in the fields of nutrition and regeneration of the sports club SC Preußen 06 e.V. Münster.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jentschuraINT

Homepage: www.p-jentschura.com


Perfect Refreshment: Isotonic, full of vitamins and 0.0% alcohol - The full-flavoured way to quench your thirst after sport 

The Bitburger Brewery - founded in 1817 in the southern region of the Eifel, our family owned brewery has now been in business for seven generations, stretching over a period of 200 years. Following this long history of tradition, our brewery is now also one of Germany’s most modern and important breweries in private ownership. 

In more than 50,000 bars, restaurants and taverns worldwide, you can hear someone ordering a hoppy Bitburger Premium Pils using the most famous phrase in Germany’s beer world: “Bitte ein Bit” (“One Bit, please”). Alongside our perfect pilsner, our customers also enjoy other beer varieties and specialty beverages as well. Even though the range of products and brewing processes have continued to evolve, our core values have always remained the same: care, love and passion for brewing. These values underline our consistently high quality standards. 

For the best rehydration after exercise, you need to replenish the lost water, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates in your body. For the perfect refreshment after sport or a busy day with friends, Bitburger has launched an alternative to conventional soft drinks and flavoured waters: a range of alcohol-free, isotonic Bitburger drinks called Bitburger 0.0%. 

Available in three alcohol-free flavours (Pils, Radler or Grapefruit), the Bitburger 0.0% range is truly pioneering. All products are truly 0.0% alcohol (with no exceptions), all are isotonic, and all are rich in vitamins. With three different varieties to choose from, these isotonic drinks are ideal for young people (and those young at heart) leading an active and conscious lifestyle. 

Homepage: www.bitburger.de



If you like biking, you’ll love Trentino. With 1,700km of MTB trails, 480km of cycle paths, and some of the most beautiful hill climbs in the Alps to choose from, we’ve got something special for every kind of two-wheeler.

When it comes to biking, Trentino is blessed. Here, stunning mountain scenery combines with every conceivable type of two-wheeled terrain, from rollercoaster hillsides to broad, flat valleys. Meanwhile, a climate that averages over 300 days of sunshine a year keeps everyone smiling, and conditions benign.

Homepage: www.visittrentino.info


For over 120 years, with its expertise in hydraulics and mechanics and its mastery of plastics technology, the name MAGURA has stood for technical innovation combined with outstanding safety and excellent quality. 

Every day, some 550 employees in Europe, Asia and the USA develop, produce and market high-tech components for all types of two-wheelers – bicycles, mountain bikes, eBikes and motorcycles. 

As an international and successful family company, we have the distinction of working with heart, passion ans responsible together. MAGURA developes, produces, and markets high-tech components for bikes. It doesn´t matter if city- or mountainbike, e-bike or trekking bike, motorbicycle, scooter or motocross – we are with high expertise, a part of these product worlds. With our products, we ensure more fun and safety. 

Homepage: www.magura.com

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