Stage 4

Bormio – Ponte di Legno

Ponte di Legno will be stage town one again. The last time the village was part of an Transalp was in 2012. 2018 Ponte di Legno will be reached the first time from Bormio. At the beginning the stage is like the one from Bormio to Mezzana in 2016 and can be split up in two parts, the technical and the physical challenging part. Right on the first pass, the Passo Gavia, 1800 meters of difference in altitude have to be dealt with – nearly the total of meters in difference of altitude of the stage 4. The technical challenge instead isn`t that high in this part. From Bormio to Santa Caterina di Valfurva the first 900 meters of difference in altitude are made on gravel roads, while the missing 900 meters of altitude have to be managed on curvy and narrow pass streets. After reaching the heart-stopping pass at 2621 meters high the technical challenge appears in terms of a beautiful but difficult downhill trail. You can get into the rhythm with the pass down to Lago Nero before starting the steep and exigent trail. Stay concentrated, also if the beautiful landscape invites you having a look around. The rough trail ends shortly above Sant’ Appolonia. From there we follow the Pass Gavia uphill for 100 meters of difference in altitude in the other direction. As a refund you can look forward to a nice downhill trail to Pezzo and Case di Viso. After the gravel road to Talasso you need to get all your strength together one more time. A tiring climb of 200 meters of difference in altitude, on a path which would be fun driving downhill, is waiting for you. Approximately the half of it can be driven, the rest of the path you must push your bike. But also at this time it´s worth the effort, because of nice views to the Adamello mountain group and the Pegrá-Flowtrail. This trail is fun but also not easy. The finish line after this short but difficult stage is reached in Ponte di Legno.

StageRouteLevelKilometerAltitude differences
Stage 4Bormio - Ponte di Legno457,662.393
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