Stage 3


Stage 3 continues to play with the possibilities offered by the Kronplatz. The motto is "stay here", not "move on quickly". And that is worthwhile. Both stage towns are valley towns of this 2275-metre-high hilltop, which is the centre of a famous ski area in winter and now also has a lot to offer bikers in all directions in summer. At the top, guests will also find the Mountain Museum of mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner and the very contemporary Lumen Museum for mountain photography. It's quite something up there. But the starters of the Transalp won't have time for that when they pass the peace bell at the summit and look for the fastest way to the start of the Gassl Trail. Although it has to be said that a short break after the 1400 metres of altitude in one piece from Bruneck up there would be quite appropriate. After all, this is the longest climb of this year's Transalp. The following Gassl Trail is even longer than the Herrnsteig, but easier in terms of technical demands - rounder, more fluid. The panorama in which it was built in the upper section is in no way inferior to the landscape experience on the Herrnsteig. At some point, after endless bends, the trail crosses the Furkelpass road and the next climb to this pass - after the second stage - can begin. On day three, however, the route is chosen a little differently: first on the road, later on a trail that leads quite steeply and uncompromisingly up to the pass. Once the Furkelpass has been conquered, it’s just going downhill on forest paths and small roads to St. Vigil.

Stage 3BRUNECK - ST. VIGIL336,701.910