Stage 3


The third stage really contains all the track elements that exist: Main roads, side roads and cycle routes, gravel roads, forest tracks, rough mountain roads, flowing paths, lush trails, hairpin bends and a few very short trail sections for real experts. On top of that there is a short pushing part uphill. The panoramic view never ends and offers a perspective that never gets boring. On the long flat section high above the Valdidentro, you can watch the glaciated peak of Cima Piazzi (3439 m) slowly move into view, while you climb the Passo di Verva at 2301 m. This is now the most challenging section of this stage. After a short downhill to the mountain village of Eita, "La Grosina" begins. This is one of the five adventurous descents ("5 Crazy Down") of this region - from the sides of the valley down into Valtellina, where below, not only the Veltliner is pressed from sun-kissed grapes. But it's still a long way to go until then, because the downhill doesn't quite hit it at first, because you have to push your bike up the flanks of Val Grosina, the side valley at the bottom of the Passo di Verva, into the panorama section. Including the above-mentioned sliding passage. At 2000 meters above sea level, the rapid descent down to Grosotto begins at around 600 meters. At the top, the trail is flowing, but later develops into a demanding downhill run that requires concentration. Because a few short, rough stretches take the flow. Nothing is impassable there, but in places very good riding technique is required. In the easier sections you might notice how sublime the view is from the old military cart track down into the valley. When the bottom of the valley is reached, the road in the Grosotto valley leads to the gates of Tirano and the first vineyards line the road. But it goes up again. At first the road climbs about 1000 meters in a gentle gradient up to the hermitage of Madonna delle Grazie. And it is over with many kilometers on the road. Now follow twelve varied mountain bike kilometers around the mountain village of Trivigno on narrow, rooty forest paths, forest tracks, alpine meadows. The tour is made more beautiful with a clear view of the 3500-meter-high peaks of the Adamello region. And at the end there is a short fun ride on a section of "Il Padrio", another representative of the "5 Crazy Down". Only after that you can roll relaxed on the small mountain road down to Aprica.

StageRouteLevelKilometerAltitude differences
Stage 3BORMIO - APRICA497,013.241