Stage 2

Nauders – Livigno

Stage 2 is a Kings-Stage of epic dimension, which contains everything a Transalp is made of. Basically, this stage is a Transalp itself as the route leads through three countries. It starts at Nauders at the upper Pitsche, a panoramic path above the village, leading to Bergkastel, the top station of the ski-area Nauders. After heading on uphill to Stables and the Valdafuralm you can look forward to a fun downhill to the Goldseehütte. From there a steep climb to the top station of the Bergkastel railway follows. Since the last BIKE Transalp at this area, a brand-new Flow-Trail was established. Passing the Stieralm we keep next to the forest until we reach the strange tank trap of Plamort. This is the border to Italy. The Plamort-Trail get followed by a gravel road leading quickly downhill to the northern coast of the Reschensee. After the first short rest we drive further on to the Vinschgau, one of the largest apple growing region in Europe. Before reaching the lowest point of this stage in Laatsch, a short side trip up to the Faulersee and the beautiful meadow trail to the Bergsee of Burgeis is planned. After reaching Laatsch the relaxing part of the tour is over. 1400 meters of difference in altitude are waiting for all bikers. Firstly, the way to Switzerland occurs with a fair gravel road. The second part, starting at St. Maria, ending at Döss Radond at 2235 meters high, will get more tiring. Nevertheless, it`s worth it, as the downhill through beautiful Val Mora is a scenic and technical highlight. The gravel road at the beginning leads to a magnificent trail at the Alp Buffalora. Following we reach the west end of the Lago San Giacomo di Fraele and start the 400 meters of altitude climb to the Passo Alpisella to enjoy another fantastic downhill, this time to the shore of Lago di Livigno. The finish line can almost be seen. It’s just at the other side of the village. Passing the village in terms of a race is impossible, as the streets in July are full of people. As a result, the BIKE Transalp circumscribes the village on its west, passing the mountain shelters called Teas. As a reward for this extra round you can look forward to a short trail-dainty down to the Punte Lungo. The finish line can be reached shortly after.

StageRouteLevelKilometerAltitude differences
Stage 2Nauders - Livigno5101,823.512
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