Women's power - no summer without Transalp

20.02.2020 - 14:53

Granted, the women's quota at the BIKE Transalp could be higher. But that cannot stop Nina Hartleb (39) from Germany, who has already finished the BIKE Transalp seven times - and in 2019 she even crossed the finish line as the best female team with Elena Wagner. Why she can hardly think of anything more relaxing than the BIKE Transalp, she reveals in a short interview.

Your Transalp experiences in three words? Fantastic landscape, team spirit, adventure.

What is tempting you again and again? It might sound funny, but for me, there is hardly anything more relaxing than the BIKE Transalp - at least mentally. As soon as I’m on the first stage, the daily stress is forgotten.

The percentage of women is still low, what do you think might be the reason? Hard to say, but the seven days are quite a challenge. From the physically aspect women are just at a disadvantage. This also applies to other races: the longer they get, the lower the women's quota.

How do you prepare for such a race? I stuck to a training plan, to be fit on time. It includes not only the bike units, but also strength and running units as well as the right nutrition during training and race.

Will you be back at the BIKE Transalp in 2020?  I will definitely be back. A summer without a Transalp doesn't work for me somehow. However, it is not yet certain whether my team partner Elena will be riding with me again.

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