Transalp with twin power

20.05.2019 - 13:56

They are born on the same day, have the same family name and pursue the same goal: crossing the Alps within seven days.

Under the team name „4 Waden für ein Halleluja“ (4 calves for a hallelujah) the twin brothers Mario and Paolo from Frankfurt on the Main (GER) take up the BIKE Transalp challenge for the first time

The twins are born in Heidelberg, but moved to Frankfurt for work. "We are cycling together quite regularly – at one-day-races or during alp crossings", Mario says.

Is it an advantage to race as twins? "Of course, it is helpful if there is a good match between team partners. We have quite the same fitness level and know how the other is thinking”, Mario explained. Paolo: “If one of us has a  bad day  and every muscle hurts, the other doesn`t have to mince his words - without feeling guilty."

„4 Waden für ein Halleluja“ – what is the story behind the team name? "As kids we loved to watch the films with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. The name  sprung to our minds based on the movie 4 Fäuste für ein Halleluja (4 fists for a halleluja)", Paoplo remembers. The title reflects the motivation of the twins: „We don’t want to ride the Transalp as beeing on a coffee cruise, but we are still focused on the fun. And if the spectators see our calves in connection with our name, they have something to laugh about…"

How is the training going? Paolo and Mario have been mountain biking for ten years now and more intense for the last five years. "During winter time we have practised a lot indoors and whenever it was possible we went out on our race bikes or mtb. Additionaly for the first time we included stretching and muscle-building exercises in our training plan to prevent us from injuries."

Biking in the Taunus: The twins do not have to travel far, to train vertical meters. "In the surrounding of Frankfurt there are much better mtb spots than most of the people think", Paoplo says.  "Very close by we have the Taunus, a wonderful low mountain rage. There are great trails, maintained by associations. And hikers and cyclists get along very well. The highest peak is the Großer Feldberg with a heat of 879 meters. Also the Rheingau and the Odenwald are not too far."

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