Trail queens in wonderland

05.07.2021 - 17:11

For several years Carina Mohr and Conny Bucher kept talking about participating in the BIKE Transalp. But it stayed that way for a long time. The respect for such a challenge, in which 572 kilometers and 18,800 meters of altitude must be completed in seven days by mountain bike, was too great. But the two power women from the SCOTT Contessa Team are currently proving that they can master this challenge with flying colors.

Team manager Klaus Rutzmoser did not doubt his girls for a second and finally slapped his hand on the table and promptly registered the two for the MAXXIS BIKE Transalp 2020. "For three years, the two kept talking about it. Since it never came to a registration, I just took it over," Klaus reveals with a mischievous grin on his lips.

The fact that Corona ruins the plans in 2020 would have been a bit of a relief, especially for Conny, she admits with a wink. So she could prepare once again, especially mentally, for the adventure of crossing the Alps. Carina took it in stride and was looking forward to 2021 all the more.

What many long-distance cyclists fear is pure pleasure for the two of them - fast-paced trails. Their motto is: the steeper, the hornier. The experienced enduro specialists love it rough, rooty and exposed. Where others push, these power women really get going.

These girls are certainly not afraid. However, according to Carina, they have the utmost respect for the length of the stages. "It is this combination of distance and altitude meters that is unusual for us. We both broke our altitude record today. However, we have the advantage that where others technically reach their limits, we only really get fast. And in doing so, we have enormous fun."

Which was the most beautiful trail today? "Definitely the last one down from Passo Trela. It was like Alice in Wonderland. Simply epic!" enthuses Carina with a glow that dwarfs the rain clouds over Livigno.

Corina and Conny are currently in second place in the overall standings, proving that many girls don't give themselves enough credit. After all, what would they be doing today if team manager Klaus hadn't simply signed them up?

So: Have the guts, girls!