This has never happened before!

07.07.2021 - 12:56

Imke Wiedemann and Anna Schmitt have shown particularly much female power on the second stage. After a whopping 40 overtaking maneuvers, they were presented with the Scott Attack jersey after the second stage.

In the opening stage, the two power mothers were not lucky. Hardly had the starting signal for the first stage fallen, the two had to take a forced break. Flat tire! After two kilometers! As if that wasn't bitter enough, the culprit of the air loss couldn't be found. Where to patch without a hole? So the reason could only be the valve. And so they couldn't get around the sticky mess caused by the sealing milk of tubeless tires when changing to a tube. 

With sticky fingers and quite lonely, the two finally set off again. But the frustration was not too great. "So we were able to take it easy," they both laugh in sync. Nevertheless, they didn't let their legs hang and pedaled hard. When they noticed that they kept overtaking others in a rhythmic flow and finally caught up with an female team, they became a little ambitious. Just don't go over the limit, they said. But who doesn't know that? Such a sense of achievement quickly leads to a little intoxication. And so Imke admits with a grin: "In the end, we may have overdone it a bit."

What the two likeable women had already achieved on the first day, they topped again on day two. They made up an incredible 40 places on the "short" second stage. One wonders how many they would have made up on one of the long stages. As a reward, they were not only allowed to stand in second place on the podium at the end of the day, but also received the Scott Attack jersey and thus provided a BIKE Transalp premiere. An all-women team in the Scott Attack jersey - that has never happened before! 

How did the girls feel when they were allowed to put on the jersey of honor? "I was totally happy, because it's in my favorite color," Anna laughs, infecting everyone around her. Of course they were very proud. They have every right to be! When asked if their race to catch up should continue, they both agree: "No, we want to do well and get through the remaining days. And have fun, of course." They also want to be spared any mishaps. 

Imke and Anna treat themselves to a week's vacation from everyday life and family every year. All the while, their husbands and children proudly stand behind them by keeping everything running smoothly back home. "We are very grateful to our husbands for having our backs during the week and allowing us a week off. And we thank the kids for giving us a week off," Anna says with a twinkle in her eye.  

This year, the two of them are taking a vacation at the BIKE Transalp. After this challenge, everyday life will certainly not catch up with them again so quickly. The unforgettable experiences will resonate for too long. 

What advice do they have for women who would like to ride the BIKE Transalp? "You should already be able to ride a mountain bike a bit. Especially the trails require some skill," explains Imke, to which Anna confirms: "It's not recommended completely out of the cold. You should have ridden a marathon before. But then it's a super thing." In addition, they both mention with a wink, "They should also be able to do some screwing." Before we end the interview, Imke whispers quickly behind closed doors. "It's actually quite exhausting." 

Yes, the BIKE Transalp is associated with physical and mental strain. But the more you get back. Namely unforgettable experiences and the knowledge of what all woman is capable of. 

So: Have the courage, girls!