Strong mothers

11.07.2021 - 00:22

Having your own children enriches your life! But they also turn it upside down. Especially that of the mother. Because being a mother means bearing responsibility. Being a mother means worrying and caring. Being a mother means having less time and it means having to cut back more often. But being a mother does not mean losing oneself! Daniela Schütt and Nadja Klag prove that.

"Do you really want to do that to yourself?", "Won't that be too exhausting?", "Is that possible!" These were the questions from friends and acquaintances when Daniela announced shortly before her birth that she would be riding the MAXXIS BIKE Transalp with her friend Nadja a few months later. Daniela, however, did not let the well-intentioned considerations of those around her dissuade her from her plan.

The new mother wanted to show herself and other women that being a parent and intensive sport are not mutually exclusive and that women can also realise themselves with a child. And is allowed to! "I wanted to motivate sporty mothers to get back into training quickly after giving birth," Daniela emphasises, with little Sophie in her arms. 
Daniela had to get back into sport quickly. Shortly after giving birth, she only had three months to prepare for the BIKE Transalp challenge. That meant three months of complete focus, enormous ambition and, above all, the support of her family. With a lack of sleep due to nightly wake-up calls from the newborn and in the midst of icy spring days, it required a maximum dose of motivation. Where do you get it? Daniela doesn't have to think long for that: Her enormous will to ride the MAXXIS BIKE Transalp was a permanent incentive.

The disappointment that Daniela had to suffer during the multi-day race weighs all the more heavily. Due to food poisoning, she could not start the third stage. So her friend Naja stood at the start of the difficult stage from Bormio to Aprica with a sad face and without a team partner, but she mentally took her friend with her. 

"I really wanted to make it. I gave so much for it. And then I didn't make it," Naja laments her failure.  But she really doesn't have the slightest reason to be disappointed. Because after two days and still with a stomach ache, the strong-willed woman put herself back on the starting line for stage five. If that's not an even greater achievement than a BIKE Transalp that went smoothly! 

"This is a sign of fate. Daniela should definitely start again in the mixed classification with her partner," says Naja, a melancholy smile on his lips. The latter, he says, has given his partner a well-deserved head start and put himself at the back of the queue by taking part in the seven-day stage race himself. "Without him and my parents, who also support us here, none of this would have been possible," says Daniela, thanking her family. Nadja, mother of four, agrees: "Such an undertaking is only possible with the whole family together. It's not just the one week of racing, but also the whole preparation time, during which we train up to 20 hours a week". In her case, she says, her participation in the seven-day mountain bike event was democratically voted on in the family council. 

What is it like as a very new mother to ride the MAXXIS BIKE Transalp? "I breastfeed the little one before the race, in between she is fed by my partner and afterwards I am completely there for her again," says Daniela. But of course she thinks about her five-month-old Sophie all the time during the stage. But her little daughter always rides along, namely as a photo on the top tube. 

Daniela and Nadja show that it is possible to realise your dreams even as a mother and with big commitments. 

So girls: Dare you!