Route highlights 2021 – new: "5 Crazy Down"

19.11.2020 - 10:00

At the MAXXIS BIKE Transalp 2021 you can expect a wild adventure in unspoiled nature. In the main, the route will remain as planned for 2020. But due to the change of a stage town we had to make some adaptions. New: The course contains the "5 Crazy Down". Route update and highlights:

A wild adventure in unspoiled nature awaits you at the MAXXIS BIKE Transalp 2021. This route shows how big the Alps are and how many paths get lost in them that are not trampled out. But that`s not all: the course also proves how many paths especially designed for bikers already exist in the mountains. Like in Nauders where the first day takes you over the finest bike trails to Italy. Up on the Plamort, the high moor on the border to Italy, the panorama reveals.

Finest freeride lines

From now on king Ortler reigns, with 3905 metres the highest peak of Tyrol and name giver to one of the most tremendous mountain chains of the Alps. Passing their flanks the route leads to Livigno into a mountain bike hotspot. For once again you can immerse into the bike scene, ride finest freeride lines next to downhill bikers, before the route crawls into the wild land south of the Ortler, exploring rough paths that were built long before there were any freeride routes or let alone mountain bikes.

It`s getting wilder

One of them is the trail over the Forcella di Montozzo, the highest pass of the 2021 Transalp, counting 2613 metres. Or the Passo di Verva with a descent into Valtellina, the valley that stretches from the ski resort of Bormio at 1200 metres to the wine-growing village of Tirano at 200 metres. New in the planning for 2021 is the change from Santa Caterina Valfurva to Bormio as the finish of the second and start of the third stage. Therefore, the third stage from Bormio to Aprica will run on a completely new route through the Valtellina. "5 Crazy Down", under this name the region promotes a handful of wild descents from both sides of the valley. These are mountain paths and cart tracks that have not been softened meter by meter for bikers. This is where the original Transalp feeling comes up and doesn't stop until the last day, climbing the Tremalzo, the legendary summit on Lake Garda, that only for the second time will be part of the BIKE Transalp.

Three lake arrivals in a row

Even better it only get´s on the way there: in the hinterland, which even passionate Lake Garda-bikers don't know, old cart tracks cut through the rugged rocks on the way from the Chiese Valley to Tremalzo. So there is a whole portion of adventure in this 2021 route. The Lago hat trick at the end of the route is the crowning glory. From Lake Molveno via Lake Idro to Lake Garda - three lake arrivals in a row, this has never happened before in the history of the Transalp.

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