Premiere: Mother-daughter duo at the BIKE Transalp

17.05.2021 - 12:41

In more than 20 years of the BIKE Transalp there has probably never been a team constellation like this: Christina and Chiara Frigge-Baganz from Germany will start as a mother-daughter team. Christina (53) has already competed in the BIKE Transalp four times, for Chiara (18) the joint participation is a premiere and a gift for her high school graduation.

Managing the training besides Chiara's exam preparations and Christina's full-time job is the biggest challenge for the two. The BIKE Transalp is their first mtb stage race of this size as a team. Christina: "We've already competed in a few mtb races together and last year, we cycled together through Denmark up to Skagen, but seven days together at such an adventure - that's a first for us." 

As a companion, however, daughter Chiara has already been to the Transalp twice - at the age of nine and as a support in 2019. This summer, she wants to get a taste of racing air herself and the two are training hard for the challenge. "The advantage we have is that we know each other very well and almost train together all the time, be it on the mtb, on the road bike, running, skiing, yoga or strength training," says Christina. "We already started the new season in October 2020. The BIKE Transalp is only possible with a structured training plan, because otherwise we would lose ourselves in everyday life and I - in particular - would often not keep to the training in favor of other obligations. In this regard, Chiara is more disciplined than myself ..." For almost the entire winter, the women have trained outside, "sometimes on the verge of freezing to death. Only in emergencies do we get on our indoor bikes. We just love being outside," Christina tells us.

Hiking back home from the Transalp

The duo's main aim for the Transalp: to cross the finish line in Riva in good spirits and injury-free. "We'll do our best, that's for sure!" What are they looking forward to the most? "To all the stages and just about everything related to the BIKE Transalp, and besides the exertions, we're looking forward to the great Alpine landscape and panoramas, to spend seven great days with our family and friends who will look after us and drive the caravan while we're on the bikes."

And as if seven days in the saddle, around 600 kilometres and more than 18,000 metres of altitude were not enough of a challenge, Christina and Chiara have even further ambitions: "To decelerate, we want to hike the way back across the Alps directly after the BIKE Transalp, gaining new impressions, but of course also reviewing the seven days of the Transalp once again in peace - in the truest sense of the word. Let's see how long we can stand it without our beloved bikes...."