Nice detour: Stage 1 - Three countries and the “smallest bar in the world”

10.03.2021 - 14:39

While riding a race, you often ride with a tunnel vision, rarely having enough time to take in the scenery and sights along the way. We take a look for you at the highlights and stories off the race course. It´s worth it, because the regions the BIKE Transalp crosses from stage to stage have a whole lot to offer.

The first stage alone is worth a trip in itself, because on the 96 kilometres from Nauders to Livigno we get to see three countries: Austria, Switzerland and Italy. In recent years, the border-triangle near Nauders has become a top destination for trail and enduro fans. The 3-Country Enduro Trails at the Reschenpass not only offer pure mountain bike fun, but also pass important landmarks, such as the 3-country border stone, Nauders Castle or Lake Reschen with its striking sunken church tower. Also the 3 Country Enduro Race and the 3 Country Tour, a long and breathtaking multi-day bike tour, are very popular in the mountain bike scene.

Famous apple farmers

Crossing the Vinschgau Valley, the Transalp not only leads through one of the largest apple-growing regions in Europe, the region - or more precisely the community of Mals in South Tyrol - also got into public focus due to its debate about genetic engineering and pesticides, which has been on for years. Surrounded by industrial apple farming, Mals aims to become the first pesticide-free municipality in Europe. If you want to know more about the persistent apple farmers, you can check out the book or the film of the same name, "The Miracle of Mals."

In the Guinness Book of Records

Culinary delights also mark the first stage. St. Maria is home to the "smallest bar in the world," which made it into the Guinness Book of Records in 2007. Whisky fans will get their money's worth here. Speaking of costs: At the end of stage 1, we stop in Livigno, a duty-free area where you can go window shopping and afterwards give yourself a treat in the small “Latteria di Livigno”. The very long lines in front of the ice cream parlour at the lake speak for themselves.