Girls, dare you!

05.07.2021 - 12:52

The proportion of women at the BIKE Transalp has been growing in recent years. However, there is still a far too large dark figure of women who want to, but do not dare. Many women dream of taking part in the legendary stage race across the Alps. Unnecessary doubts, however, prevent them from registering.

The BIKE Transalp is a great challenge. In seven days, over 570 kilometers and more than 18,000 meters of altitude have to be completed by mountain bike and with your own muscle power. But these are not all hurdles. Bad weather and tricky descents, breakdowns and falls: All this makes a crossing the Alps an incalculable challenge.

But in return for these hardships, there are unforgettable moments, breathtaking impressions and experiences that make you bigger and stronger. Having finished a BIKE Transalp not only releases an excess of endorphins, but also gives you a new attitude towards life.

Women in particular often don't dare to take on this challenge of BIKE Transalp. Why? Because you doubt yourself? Because you think you are not strong enough? Because others don't trust you? Because children and husband are not in the place before the very first one for a few days?

In a time where equality and gender are written in capital letters, there are no excuses to avoid the Transalp project. Doesn't rethinking begin in each of us ourselves? This also includes daring to do things as a woman that are attributed to the supposedly "stronger sex".

How many times have you thought about participating in the legendary stage race across the Alps and in the end didn't sign up because of unnecessary doubters? In the following days, some power women describe their impressions and experiences of their participation in the BIKE Transalp and show: Women can do anything! If they dare!

Maybe we will see you next year at the starting line of the BIKE Transalp.