Deceleration after the speed rush

05.08.2021 - 13:46

The BIKE Transalp is a tough mountain bike race that is all about maximum speed in the most extreme conditions. There is not much time for astonished breaks or rapturous chats where the impressions can be internalised in all their fullness.

Christina and daughter Chiara have fulfilled a big dream this year: to take part in the 23rd MAXXIS BIKE Transalp together. In the seven days, the well-rehearsed team of mother and daughter experienced many unique moments: breathtaking views and dreamlike panoramas, spectacular challenges and energy-sapping exertions, new acquaintances and emotional highlights. To let these impressions pass in review and have an effect, the well-rehearsed team of mother and daughter decided against the hectic shuttle bus and for a decelerated hike back to the starting point of the race.

And so, after a rest day at Lake Garda, the two swapped their bikes for backpacks and set off on foot for home. Six more stages with 145 kilometres and 5,300 metres of altitude difference followed. It was no less strenuous, but "we experienced the landscape differently because we only covered about 25 kilometres per day and stayed in the same region for a long time," Christina explains. It was especially great for the well-coordinated team to be able to analyse and evaluate the memories of the great MAXXIS BIKE Transalp experience together at a moderate pace and without time pressure.

"The hiking really slowed us down, and the stops in between and the breaks on lonely paths with our piece of Parmesan cheese and nuts were great," Christina grins. Such an enjoyable rest is not possible in Europe's most difficult mountain bike stage race. Every second counted.

Want to know how Christina and Chiara fared during the race? You can read about it in the current issue of BIKE No. 9 - available now at newsstands or in the DK shop.

Christina and Chiara have shown with their strong BIKE Transalp participation that women need not be afraid to take part in this challenge. So girls: Dare you!