Colourful changes

30.06.2021 - 12:21

You can call him an old hand. Of course, only in terms of his participation at the BIKE Transalp. For Peter Wouters, the young Dutchman, will be at the start of the BIKE Transalp for the twelfth time in a few days. That smells like record air.

His bike changes also seem record-breaking. None of his mountain bikes has seen the BIKE Transalp more than once. This year Peter will also cross the Alps with a three-month-old youngster. Man and bike are a well-rehearsed team despite the short time, as evidenced by their joint victory in the Grand Master category at the 4Islands, a multi-day race in Croatia.

One of the reasons for his frequent bike changes is that he is an entrepreneur and prefers to test all new products himself. The cycling-wacky Dutchman is the owner of the company 9th Wave Cycling, which specialises in manufacturing high-quality wheels. Of course he also tests his own products, but it is much more important to him that his customers have the opportunity to put the 9th Wave wheels through their paces at the MAXXIS BIKE Transalp. 

But, as his no less frequently changing bike outfit testifies, it's not just the entrepreneur in him that arranges the Dutchman to constant change. Rather, it is the longing for the new. "The world is always changing, bikes change, so team outfits should change too." In doing so, Peter never goes with the trend. It has to stand out! While others get stuck in "new habits", he is always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. What better way to do that than with eye-catching colours and motifs?

We are curious to see with which colourful mixture, in which of course the classic Dutch orange will not be missing, Peter and his team mate René will stand out from the peloton this year. This moving with the times, this longing for the new - these are probably the reasons why the 54-year-old never loses his desire for cycling and always stays young.