Biking and skiing through the winter

26.11.2020 - 10:32

As a "child of the mountains", Michael Führmann (32), BIKE Transalp fan, has few problems outwitting his inner temptation even in the cold season. In the winter months, the Bavarian mountain biker mainly shifts his training into the snow. In a short interview he reveals how he is preparing for his Transalp adventure in 2021.

Above  eight months till the Transalp 2021: When does your specific training for the BIKE Transalp begin?

My training for the 2021 season has already started this week. At the moment, a lot of strength training (for the upper body and trunk muscles) as well as easy running and basic training on the bike is on my agenda. From mid-February on, I usually go to the first training camp, from then on the first harder units – such as interval training –  starts. The racing season starts in April, for me as a cross country rider it`s normally short and technical, but to prepare myself for the Transalp I'm going to add more long distances and marathons with many climbs.

The cold season is just around the corner, what's your recipe for tricking your inner temptation?

As a “child of the mountains” my inner temptation is not too big, as soon as it's white outside you'll find me mostly on skis, no matter if it's a ski tour with a good friend, covering several peaks or a tour on the cross-country trail in Bayrischzell.

At the BIKE Transalp you will start as a team, do you often train together or does each of you do his thing?

Of course it is impossible to avoid training alone now and again. As we all know, cycling is very time-consuming, so it's always good entertainment to have a good conversation with a mate. Especially in bad weather, according to the motto "shared suffering is half suffering".

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