Bet, that…

27.11.2019 - 12:01

It was a bet with a friend that caused Otta Matoušek to become a mountain biker. Ever since, he couldn’t stop. The BIKE Transalp 2008 triggered his passion for mtb stage races so much, that he even published a book about his experiences.

The title: “THE BET. Biking starts after fifties. From a crazy bet up to Cape Epic". When Otta was 50 and his friend 33, they betted whom of them would defeat the other in a mtb stage race, as soon as the younger one turns 50. Finally they didn’t wait that long. At the age of 60, Otta beat his friend, who lost a box of good wine. Otta: “The bet changed the life of both of us and made us enthusiastic bikers!” Today, the Czech biker is 64 and still into mtb: “Age is not the reason to stop.”

Addicted to stage race adventures: Three questions to Otta Matoušek

You have done 14 stage races all over the world, BIKE Transalp was the first. Was this experience the initial spark?

You are absolutely right! After finishing my first Transalp in 2008 I knew, that MTB stage race is something what attracts me and after the next one I started to be addicted to this sort of entertainment.

Three times BIKE Transalp: Will you do it once more?  

:-) I am thinking about it. I would love to cross the Alps once again and BIKE Transalp is the best way to do it. But in my age it is all about health and if I keep healthy, I am sure we will meet on the start.

What can the readers expect from your book?

I hope they can expect some entertaining reading. I write about impressions from races like Transalp, Cape Epic, Crocodile Trophy and others, and I also talk about my personal experiences from preparations for a stage race - training, nutrition, equipment and other stuff. And I also hope that Masters and Grand Masters riders will get some motivation for stage races from it.