At top speed to Lago di Roncone

09.07.2021 - 17:26

Just less than three hours needed the first riders, the leader team of Manuel Pliem and David Schöggl, to crossing the finish line in Roncone today. For other riders, too, the penultimate stage was faster than the previous ones.

Just in time for today's start, the last remnants of the clouds from the previous evening's thunderstorm had retreated, leaving a bright blue sky for the participants. The mood on day six, with legs already tired from exertion, was no less joyful than at the start. Perhaps this serenity also stemmed from the hope of a somewhat calmer stage.

After all, the route profile had predicted a bit of a slow pace. However, the prediction did not come true. At least if you take a look at the front places. Here, the less technical course seemed to have been used to trim the bike to maximum speed. The men's leader team of Manuel Pliem and Davis Schöggl needed less than three hours for the stage from Molveno to Roncone. "That was the most exhausting stage today," explains Torsten Mützlitz from the Erzgebirge with a pain-distorted grin. Why? "Because it was a constant barrage of gunfire."

Maybe tomorrow there will be a little less banging. After all, it's the last stage and the end is near. Maybe some of you would like to enjoy it once more before the BIKE Transalp week is over. Regardless of whether it was over far too quickly for some or whether the finish line is gradually being longed for by others: tomorrow will be an unforgettable moment for everyone who crosses the finish arch in Riva.