Alpe Cimbra - Folgaria Lavarone Lusérn

Alpe Cimbra - Folgaria Lavarone Lusérn is  a wide Alpine grazing land located few kilometers far from the cities of Trento and Rovereto, Lake Garda and Lake Caldonazzo. Alpe Cimbra with more than a thousand years of history has preserved a unique landscape and rich biodiversity. The Austro-hungarian fortresses, the Cimbrian minority language village of Lusérn, the splendor of Lake Lavarone and the tradition characterize Alpe Cimbra. Folgaria Lavarone and Lusérn, with several smaller outlying villages, have been for thousands of years a borderland, and still bear the signs of its past, from Germanic-Cimbrian colonization through to World War I and the Cold War. Seven magnificent fortresses, raised as defense system in a time of war, can be visited hiking or mountain biking across green meadows and lush forests. Museums, exhibitions, ancient masi, or farmsteads represent authentic traditions to experience in their native setting amid nature, together with the open and generous inhabitants of the area.

Alpe Cimbra is characterised by boundless horizons, wide extended forests, mountain huts that remember the Scandinavian alpine style, and surely the beauty of Monte Cornetto – the mountain that symbolizes the area –. On the background, it is still possible to admire the beauty of the Brenta Dolomites. That’s Alpe Cimbra: a paradise for the participants of well-known “100km dei Forti”, a cult race for expert bikers as well as for the less trained bikers that love to discover new places. Alpe Cimbra offers hundreds of kilometers of MTB routes with different difficulties through dirt tracks in a breathtaking natural environment. Biking in Alpe Cimbra means enjoying landscapes from 1000 to 1850 m through meadows, valleys, spruce-fir forests, peaks and scenic views… where it feels to touch the sky.

The Alpe Cimbra Bike Chalets are a way point where to eat and relax enjoying the panorama. Excellent local products such as Vezzena cheese, Knödeln und Polenta with mushrooms represent at best the Cimbrian cuisine…  and after a piece of strudel as a dessert, there is nothing better than making a toast with grappa!


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