Date 16. - 22.07.2017

stage information

Stage 7

Lavarone – Riva del Garda

More than 100 years ago, the high plains of Folgaria, Luserna and Lavarone where one of the centre stages of World War I which left a lot of old fortresses and ruins as contemporary witnesses of this dark side of history. The final stage of the 20th ever BIKE Transalp will pass two of them following the route of the 100KM dei Forti, a marathon classic in this region.

From Carbonare until Serrada, racers will collect the first 1,000 metres of climbing on historical paths, an effort which will pay off with the following panorama views given. After a final and full-on single track a 1,000 metres descent will lead over little forest and cart paths and partly on the road back down to the Etsch valley. It's an enchanted ride through the woods where no one would expects any trails, and it's a descent where everyone has to stay calm and patient and ride with a sense for the ground when it gets steep.

A bike path to Rovereto provides some time to relax before the mountain bike teams of two climb Mount Faé on tiny roads, a col which comes along with a 17% gradient at the very end.

From Nomesino on, the route will cross the di Gresta valley to Maso Naranch where the Naranch trail, the last single trail treat of the 2017 BIKE Transalp kicks off leading over 200 metres down to Nago. Further on, the route leads the pack to Arco finally turing into the one of the last years which brings everyone back to Riva del Garda.

However, the finish won't be set up as usual next to Palazzo di Congressi but at La Rocca, right in the old harbour of Riva del Garda as this is right and proper for an anniversary event which comes to an end with one of the best final stages we ever had in 20 years of Transalp racing.