Date 15.-21.7.2018

The perfect date for a seven-day adventure

You are a BIKE Transalp single but would love to take a ride in the 2017 event? You are still looking for a decent partner to pedal from Mayrhofen to Riva del Garda this summer? Then you should think of joining the team partner market.

The team experience makes the BIKE Transalp so special © Miha Matavz

Searching and finding a suitable partner is the main premise of this specific database we offer on our website.

The BIKE Transalp is a seven-day stage race for teams of two. As a result, there are many things to consider when choosing the ideal team partner.

Both racer's interests have to be preserved while the team should also agree on the same goals for the race. It ain't easy to motivate a friend or training partner to join your quest for Transalp glory.

If you are still looking for the perfect match, we highly recommend to trawl for a mate to team up with on our team partner market.

You will find a broad range of athletes who are willing to join a team and are listed with personal details, preferred category as well as goals and some additional information.

Contact is made via email or telephone with the international database - which has no age limitation - being updated every for weeks.

And don't forget, you are looking for more than a partnership of convenience.

Seven days of blood, sweat and tears bind together. As a result, it's not uncommon that mountain bikers which teamed up online shared the same spirit and entered the next edition together again.