Date 15.-21.7.2018

Insider tip for a better regeneration: alkaline baths

Stretching, massage, nutrition – those are the main cornerstones of the most amateurs to get fit for the next day after having worked out or competed in a race. Especially when participating in the BIKE Transalp and facing some more tough stages still to come. However, the most don't know of the pleasant effects of alkaline baths which are in fact true multi-talents.

The P. Jentschura booth is the place to be to recover on an alkaline base © Henning Angerer

Acidic eating habits, stress as well as environmental influences are the reasons why athletes quickly over-acidify after intense workout.

The consequences are quite obvious: deficits in regeneration, overtraining, a decline of performance, injuries as well as weight and skin problems.

To much acids and pollutants sediment in the body, increase the body weight, have a negative impact on the immune system as well as the performance and ability to recover.

Therefore, BIKE Transalp partner P. Jentschura recommend the use of an alkaline body care after sport or training.

The active principle

Everything which is not exuded by either kidneys, intestine or the lungs will be excreted over the skin. It is not for nothing that the biggest human organ is also called the third kidney.

With a pH-value of 8 to 8.5 the us of an alkaline body care does provide an effective deacidification whilst also recovering the full sporting prowess.

Another positive side effect: the skin is greasing itself again. Putting on lotion is getting superfluous,

The versatility of alkaline administrations

Alkaline foot and full baths, alkaline steam baths or – at a push – in the form of shower peelings are pruning the skin of acids and pollutants.

Those who are boggling the time exposure can draw on legwarmers or socks as legwarmers are directly absorbing the acids which occur under training or competition stress. Alkaline socks are a perfect alternative for the night as they also remedy when suffering from sleeping problems.

An alkaline body care provides exceptional advantages and is easy to realize. Besides purifying the body and organism it also increases the recovery speed and helps avoiding sore muscles as well as sporting injuries.